celebrate good times - come on!

hello friends! 
a week ago we had our amazing in person launch for hello rae! to say it was a success is an understatement! first & foremost i want to thank each & every one of you who came, sent a congrats text, or in any way supported during that day & weeks leading up to the event! without a community surrounding me i know i couldn't make this happen!
thankful for these girlies above! 
seriously though - i must give a huge shout out to my sweet pops who came & helped load & unload all the decor. he may not know a thing about setting up for a party but his presence & encouraging words was enough! ha ha! honest moment... i was nervous, somewhat snippy, & probably bossy - he took it all w/a smile on his face! that's a good dad!
if you don't know me well, let me give you a warning... i love to party. no no no. not like that ha ha. i mean, i do like to have a good time every once in a while - but what i mean is i like to throw a party. the decor, the people, the prepping, the organizing, planning the food & drink options... seriously i love it. 
for the launch i wanted it to represent hello rae to the fullest. fun, light, airy, personable, yummy, beautiful, a place where you can gather & meet new friends. it turned out exactly like i had imagined! i went simple w/ the decor - to be honest... a lot of it came right out of my own house!
yes you heard me right! why spend money on decor when i have cute things in my home that give me all the vibes for hello rae!? the only things i purchased extra where the balloons! crazy huh... party decor on a budget! 
can't have a party w/out yummy treats & drinks! we had an adorable little mimosa bar w/all the fixins! btw - i'm really obsessed with the letter board trend right now... so adorable! let me share a secret... guys - get ready... walmart. i got mine at walmart! for $10!!!! yass bargains! they have loads of letter kits in all sorts of colors too... & yes if you were wondering i have them all. also extremely thankful for friends who have amazing talents & created the beautiful logo cookies! so kind & oh so tasty!
seriously can't thank each of you enough for showing up, loving the product, supporting, purchasing, & joining in on the journey. i am looking forward to all the wonderful things to come. my heart is overflowing with excitement & gratitude!
all my love
xoxo -

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