holiday home

merry christmas, merry christmas, merry christmas...
haaaappppyyyy holidays!
so lets start off w/ a bit of honesty here... my home has been decorated since before thanksgiving. yes -  i am one of those people. call me what you want, but christmas decor is my all time favorite & i just want to enjoy my space & decor for longer than a month! haha! 
my style when it comes to decorating is "oh thats cute - ill get that!" most of the time i don't really have a plan, but just go w/what i see that i like. if you have been to my home you know that it is an eclectic mix of things. i don't really know what "style" it is other than it's just me! 
no judging - i do have a stocking for madden - cause duh! hahaha. by the fireplace i have my tree. pretty simple for the most part. lights, burlap ribbon, black & natural check bows, & a great mix of random ornaments i've collected or been given the past few years. i went to a paint night & made the tree canvas... sometimes i don't know what to do w/ those things. i always have fun but then most i don't want hanging in the house - but this one is festive & i pull it out for christmas! the stool w/santa sac was filled with goodies as a gift so i kept it for decor. the paper banners i made... one for my dads 60th birthday but it fit my holiday decor so i use it now + the tiny circle banner i have all over. made from paper - super easy! on the mantel i threw some extra sparkles & pinecones to spruce it up a bit! 
on the other side of the living room i kept it simple... just a few adorable things on the side table... like i said... i like a mixture of things. as you can tell here i love to mix patterns & textures. if you can see i used the same small paper banner on the  lamp & then also have a christmas count down on my long chalkboard on the wall... there i also have added all the beautiful christmas cards from friends that have been coming in!
i love the "candycane wishes - mistletoe kisses" sign... someone gave me that as a little gift! i also am obsessed with my newest little clay tree... my friend emily has an amazing talent when it comes to pottery! she created this little guy & the min i saw it i knew it needed to come home to me! & as always i love to support other local businesses! if you are interested check her out - red dirt diva creations! if you want to get connected with her message or email me & ill hook you up!
above the kitchen bar i have some amazing paper stars hanging from the ceiling. these bad boys were an amazing find in the dollar section at target! i snagged them up not really having a plan on what i was gonna do but when i got home i was like... omg... hang them... above the bar... yassssss! i didn't get shots of the kitchen but as you can see (maybe) i do have some swags hanging on my white wash cabinets. swooooon! 
the best accessory here in this picture though is... madden. hahahahah!
guys. why am i so obsessed with him!?
anyways moving on! 
lastly is the dining room. here i just have a plaid table cloth & a cute fa la la la la banner on the cabinet. sometimes simple is key. 
let me give you a hint. if you need banners - go to google... type in free printable banner... there are so many bloggers who give downloads away that you can just print at home, hang on some cute ribbon & bam - holiday spirit!!
okay - so my entry is also decorated & the outside... but this is getting long & if you have stuck it out this far - i applaud you! way to go!
anywho - if you can tell, the holidays are a special time... i have so many amazing memories during this season. with the passing of my mom three years ago my holidays look a lot different, but each year i am filled w/ joy & thankfulness for the times i've had & the new memories & traditions that have developed. 
beyond all the sparkle, lights, & beautiful decor - it truly is a time to celebrate jesus! each & every blessing is because of him! 
i hope you all have the most incredible, safe, & joyous christmas! 
thank you for sharing a little time w/ me while reading!
if you have any questions of where i got items or how i did anything just shoot me an email over to!
xoxo - jess & madden

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