spare bedroom bliss

hello friends! i worked hard lately to full on organize my life. anyone else love organization but also hate having to knock it out? i knew with the start of hello rae & all the things that come along w/ opening a business my time would soon be limited... so i went on a massive organization over haul of my house. 
one room that really needed some love & attention was my spare bedroom / office space. in today's post i want to give you a glance into my humble abode... i didn't get shots of my actual workspace in this same room -  oh well - we can save that for another post! 
okay so - let me just say i'm about to celebrate my 4th year living in my house... & i can just now declare that i'm somewhat close to being fully decorated... it just takes time when you are a single gal - paying all the bills yourself... & trying to decorate a full house inhabited only by you & your furry child. it a process... 
at one point in time this look was meant for my master bedroom... but then life happens & you find cute things you want for your master so instead of selling it all & starting over you just move it all to the extra bedroom & wing it! to be honest i think it was meant to be because i absolutely love the space i was able to create & work in daily. 
lets talk deets. i am frugal person... it is hard for me to splurge on things. like i said before - one person - decorating a whole house... gotta find those deals. one huge secret ill let you in on... walmart. yup... i have so many items from walmart online in my home its redic. this bed frame for example - better homes brand $150 for a full frame. free shipping & it legit looks like it is from west elm. guys - you do not have to drop the big bucks to make an impact! bedding is target - blanket is a tj maxx find! wicker basket was handed down from my grandma... just an added little gem to lay the blanket it if you don't need to use it. 
the pillows are a mix of tj maxx - ross & handmade by me. i'm a sewer, my mom taught me at a very young age. i always wanted to go to design school but the lord had other plans. now i just use my skills for random things! obviously i'm a fan of pattern mixing... the key is to stay within the same color scheme & have a variety of sizes & shapes. make sure to purchase different textures of fabrics to break it up as well. in my master bed i have two large windows & in the spare i just have one... so i took the extra window treatment & turned it into matching pillows. i should have done a tutorial on how i did that... again - ill save that for another post!
is it obvious that madden has made this his nap spot during working hours? if you ever wonder what he is up to while i work... ill give you one guess. this. ha ha. i love being here w / him daily... i told you - i'm obsessed. its fine. he is my kid. okay moving on...
the nightstand - edison bulb lamp - mirror & floral is from at home (another one of my favorite spots to get home decor) the beautiful sign came from a sweet friend of mine. she gave it to me after my mom passed & said this quote just spoke to her. it does to me too... i know that the lord will use the loss of my mom for his purpose! life is so up & down - but he is the one thing that never changes.
the large artwork over the bed & the white distressed frames are also from at home... if you don't shop there - you are truly missing out. the prints in the frame were downloadable art from etsy - i love to throw something funky in & these just spoke to me. may not be everyones cup of tea but i love a fancy deer in a suit! ha ha! lastly, i took a strand of battery operated rose gold lights & strung them over the top of the bed just to add a little flair.  
when i get a chance ill snap the work area & share the deets of that side of the room! have questions on how to recreate this look in your home? want to know more details of cost or where i got things? would you like to see more home decor inspo? be sure to let me know - just shoot me an email at! 
thanks for reading & taking a peek into my home! until next time friends!

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