open shop & event calendar

now booking open shops!
oh em ggggg!!! say what!??
loving what you see online? live in okc or surrounding oklahoma areas? want to gather a group of girls for a wonderful evening of in home shopping?? all items under $50, take all home w/ you the day of event! 

book an open shop & host @ your home while earning yourself some pretties from the shop or donating to your fav organization! 

don't want the hassle of hosting at your home? host @ my in home showroom (edmond) all whilst still earning yourself pretties or donating to your fav organization! 

own a salon? work at an office? book us for an event!!

to book open shop / event email with your name, address (if you want to book at your home) & contact phone number!
 (first come first serve on open dates & times!)
(time frame of event is 5:45 set up, event held from 6:30-8:00pm! quick pack up & finished!)
(time frame is flexible - email if you are interested but need a different time! we can work our the details together!)

for hosting an event you will be able to earn %10 of the total sales to use towards purchases for yourself or we will personally write a check to an organization of your choice for a donation!


to book an event or open shop check out calendar below to see open dates & times! if you do not want to host but want to shop check out public events to attend! to set up some in person private showroom shopping check out calendar to see open times!

click here to host an open shop

click here to see public events

click here to see showroom shopping times